The Retirement Transition Coach

Coaching for individuals and couples


You will be invited to take the Retirement Success Profile (RSP) which is a personal self-assessment in the form of a simple questionnaire. The results will help you view your personal life situation, and provide you with your unique coaching agenda.

Step one:

Complete the on-line self-assessment which measures your expectations and level of preparedness against 15 crucial factors for ensuring a successful transition into retirement. This takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Step two:

shutterstock_74804788 You will receive a personalised report based on your self-assessment which identifies your personal retirement strengths and the areas you may need to work on to improve your readiness for retirement.

Step three:

This final step focuses specifically on those areas that you regard as most important. Christina then creates and delivers an individually-designed coaching programme to help your focus your attention and energies to prepare for your retirement with meaning, purpose and structure.

NB This programme does not offer financial advice which should be sought from an independent financial advisor.

Fill in your details to find out more about the Retirement Options Programme by downloading a section from the The New Retirement© companion book.