The Retirement Transition Coach
The question is not ′What do I do IN my retirement?′ but ′What do I do WITH my retirement?′

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Today we think of retirement as a new beginning — rejuvenation. It is actually the beginning of a new career/life stage called ‘renewal’ — a time to let go, move on, learn and adapt to inevitable change.

Whilst many of us would like to retire early, the pensions crisis and financial worries may postpone our decision. But retirement doesn’t have to mean the end of working altogether. A different approach to work can play a vital role in our new retirement — and overcome any financial concerns.

When approaching retirement or any change of direction, it requires the same process of self-analysis and consultation as you would go through with a career change. This is the time to look at all your options and discover what it is you really want.

Ask yourself:

  • How do I create a lifestyle that is fulfilling and rewarding for me?

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Retirement transition coaching plays a crucial part in helping you determine just what a successful retirement will mean for you.

You will have specific needs that require unique coaching which will help you to:

  • Obtain a clear picture of your readiness for retirement
  • Resolve retirement issues and concerns
  • Crystallise your plan for the life you really want
  • Ease the retirement transition
  • Be ready to face inevitable ‘change’
  • Look forward to your new lifestyle

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