The Retirement Transition Coach

How does retirement coaching work?

70613656_cropToday, if you are about to retire you will undoubtedly be healthier, fitter, more active, more aware and better educated than previous generations of retirees. Your greater life expectancy of a further 25-30 + years offers huge opportunities and challenges.

Retirement is a major transition. It is a life change in every aspect, rather like a career change. It needs self-analysis, planning and consultation.

Christina uses a tried and tested process which will guide you through the transition into your new career — your retirement.

So what does it involve? The key factors of retirement coaching are:
  • Taking stock of your current situation
  • Completing a self-assessment to help define your needs and what may require focus
  • Understanding what motivates you, how you can make decisions and handle change
  • Exploring and evaluating your lifestyle options
  • Planning a strategy for the future and taking steps to achieve your objectives  — your personal retirement plan
  • Resolving issues and concerns
  • Preparing to face your new life with confidence and purpose
How will retirement coaching benefit me? You will gain:
  • FOCUS — time and space to focus on what’s important, creating a logical framework for making life decisions that are right for you
  • AWARENESS — gaining an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and recognising your own resources
  • CLARITY — and vision, unravelling any confusion and uncertainty and identifying what you want
  • CHANGE — resolving issues, realising obstacles can be overcome and being aware of the need to be adaptable
  • GROWTH — acquiring confidence, ‘know-how’ and motivation to create and enriching and fulfilling new way of life

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