The Retirement Transition Coach

About Christina Harkness

My mission is to ensure my clients are ready and prepared to retire and have the tools and personal resources they need to create a satisfying and enriching life in their later years.


I bring to my coaching a personal experience of transition and a strong commitment to assisting clients to resolve issues and achieve success — whatever that word mean to you. The whole concept of retirement has radically changed. It is a new start in life — a rejuvenation and is the new retirement.

The new retirement involves a deepened interest in life, a heightened sense of one’s own authentic self and a new passion for self-discovery, reminiscent of childhood.

I work with clients who want to plan for their new retirement and want to make the transition into this new lifestyle with confidence, focus, motivation and a sense of well-being.

How fortunate we are to be of the right age, be in the right era and have the right means to make a real go of it! Can any of this get any better? Possibly. Possibly not.  But what is certain is that we grasp the opportunities available and make the choice to make the most of what this era and this time in life has to offer.

I am a trained Retirement Options® Coach, Stress Management Practitioner, Time Line Therapy Practitioner, Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and NLP Coach.

Aside from coaching, my other passions include the written and spoken word and I undertake copy-editing and proofreading projects within a diverse range of both fiction and non-fiction material.

Hobbies include travel, walking, people-watching, complementary therapies, the environment/wildlife and all creative arts. I am trustee of an animal charity and live at Rowlands Castle near Portsmouth on the south coast.

I know and understand the issues that we need to face in retirement as I am facing them too. I have also been trained to understand all the factors that contribute to a successful retirement and bring focus and clarity to those in this lifestyle transition.